Last year, Siege Media, a content marketing agency, had three offices in San Diego, Austin and New York City.

This month, we decided to let our New York and Austin leases lapse, and maintain a very small office in San Diego, primarily for training, video shoots and occasional co-working.

Effectively, we’ve fully embraced going 100% remote.

It was a hard decision to go fully remote, but we’re strongly confident it’s the right one. In case it helps others, I wanted to walk through how we ended up landing on that decision.

Team makeup, March 2021

At Siege, we’ve always been a remote-friendly company. Pre-COVID…

Working out of a hotel with my son Ronin during Q3.

2020 was a hard year for everyone. Siege was “lucky” to only have ~20% of our revenue disappear during the height of the crisis.

That this was the worst thing that happened to me this year is something I feel grateful for. That revenue came back to Siege and the company is now at all-time highs. I know many small businesses can’t say that and many people have lost friends and loved ones during this pandemic.

All things considered, I feel quite lucky.

Looking back, despite that stress, 2020 was a year of growth. When I think about what I…

The following is an internal memo I sent to our leadership team at Siege Media. I thought it had takeaways applicable to a wider audience, so am including here.

Hey team,

I read two leadership-related things recently that I thought were worth passing along.

First, I listened to this podcast with Naval Ravikant, AngelList CEO and all-around super-smart person. It’s the best podcast I’ve listened to in a long time/has already made me implement some things that (might) change my life. It has a lot of insight, most of it non-business focused.. so I’d highly recommend.

In the past year, I’ve considered salary transparency for the agency I founded, Siege Media.

For context, we’re a 40-person, SEO-focused content marketing agency with offices in Austin and San Diego.

On the surface, it seems like a great idea. Given the leadership of companies like Buffer and SEER Interactive in implementing this, the idea seems like a north star worth implementing.

However, after thinking on it and the context of its application for our agency, I’ve decided against it. Some recent research on Wall Street Journal also helped clarify my thoughts on the subject. …

My grandfather, my wife Mel, and myself in Davis, CA.

My grandfather has dementia.

Last week, he fell off his bed and broke two bones in his hip. He had emergency surgery. Surgery was successful and he was on pace to be released from the health center just a few days ago.

Sunday morning, he fell again on his right hip, sending him back to the health center. Thankfully, X-rays came back negative.

The whole time, my grandfather, “Pops”, smiled. Unlike many older people, he remains consistently bubbly and upbeat. Thanking all the staff who helped him and maintaining a genuinely happy mood all the while.

Some might say that…

Bizarre holidays offer unique opportunities to get more shelf life from your content. Some of our most successful pieces have ended that way because we tied them to a random, interesting day of the year.

If you have an interactive on pies, January 23rd’s National Pie Day would be a great time to repromote it.

A survey on workplace fulfillment? The 27th’s Punch the Clock Day would be a good fit.

Getting Started with Random Holidays

Start the process by compiling a list of these days, such as can be found here.

From there, setup a bi-monthly reminder email that goes out to your whole…

Ross Hudgens

Founder of Siege Media, an SEO-focused content marketing agency. We help great brands scale with SEO-focused content marketing.

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